Andrew and Lanre visit Lithuania 

Through NBC's partnership with the NBA, two of our ministers in training, Lanre Banwo and Andrew Phillips, were part of a group of five that went to Lithuania for a week in June 2015. 


The team visited four Baptist churches during their stay.


In a full programme, they took part in bible studies, engaged in conversations about evangelism and mission, and explored ways that the churches in Lithuania and Britain could support each other to achieve effective Christian mission. The team also organised a Bible School and participated in a joint mission seminar on Evangelism with the Lithuanian Baptist Union.


The Lithuanian Baptist churches are poor and cannot afford to support their pastors financially. Therefore, most of them are bivocational, working both in paid employment and for the church, a willingness that moved Lanre: “I was touched with by the commitments of the pastors towards serving God and people of God.” KAUNAS AFTER FELLOWSIP

Despite their poverty though, churches are generous, and have compassionate hearts for the unsaved. 

Andrew sums up: “It was a privilege to be able to spend time with ordinary Lithuanians who are living out their faith and Church life in a country which can be suspicious of them. I hope we were able to share something of our own challenges and struggles as Baptists in England and we left feeling humbled by what God was doing through them and their Church.”



The 'Hill of Crosses', which marks Lithuania's resistance to Communist rule