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Edifi is a new initiative in equipping local Christian leaders, using the latest technology to bring training and coaching to you, wherever you are. Edifi is based at Northern Baptist College in Manchester, but is open to all who want to serve God wherever they are.
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Discerning Together is our first course, specifically designed to be accessible to church and charity leadership teams wherever they are. It will address the common problem that haunts Christian organisations just as much as Christian individuals: when we get too busy doing God’s work to check if what we are busying ourselves with is really God’s work. We’ve all been there: whether it’s a deacons’ meeting, church members’ meeting, or trustees’ meeting, we pray at the start, pray at the end, and hope that in all our talking in between God’s will has emerged.

Discerning Together wants to take leaders on the journey that many of us have taken individually: into prayer, listening to God and learning how to discern what God is saying to us. Only this time we will embark on the journey together. Over the course of a year you will gather as a team as usual, except that once a quarter you will give over significant time to learning together. How can we as leaders lay down our will and let Jesus be Lord of our church or organisation? (And in a Baptist context, how can we help church members do the same?)
On this course, you will learn and grow together as a whole team, as we broadcast a webinar into your team meeting. You will be able to connect through social media to other churches and organisations that are undertaking the same transformation of their decision-making processes. Topics on the course will include:
  • How to grow your own relationship with God and share it with fellow team members.
  • How to bring together the differing gifts and spiritualities of your team to discern God’s will together.
  • How to listen to God in the midst of disagreement, even conflict.
  • How to continue to keep God at the centre as you move from decision to action.
  • How to incorporate all this learning in your church members’ meetings.
  • For those that want to, this would be a fantastic opportunity to work through a big decision or project together, moving through the process from initial discernment to implementable plan.

The course will be led by experienced trainers in contemplative spirituality, team dynamics, conflict management and leading change. Confirmed contributors include Barbara MacNish (Triquester Teams), Roy Searle (Northumbria Community) and Jo Williams (Expert on Conflict Resolution)

Discerning Together is Edifi’s first ever course. We are looking for 10-15 churches and organisations that are ready and willing to learn, but also to help us to perfect the course, and fine-tune the technology behind it. As this is a pilot, we are offering places for the massively reduced cost of £100 per team. That will pay for an initial induction day, four webinars, ongoing social media support throughout the year, email and/or video coaching and a final ‘graduation’ day at the end of the year. The course will start in the autumn of 2019.

To enrol, please contact info@edifi.uk

Louise McMahon, 15/05/2019